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Every dog deserves a second chance

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Barkalot is supporting Hundstallet as they encourage potential dog owners to adopt instead of shop

It’s no news that the number of dog owners increased during the pandemic. However, what many don’t know is that dog rehoming also followed this trend. The search for a new dog home can be tricky, that’s why everyday, the Swedish dog protection non-profit, Hundstallet, shelters dogs in need of care and relocation.  

Currently, Hundstallet has two publicly funded dog shelters in Åkeshov and Staffanstorp, and will open a third in Alingsås Q2 2022. In support of the Hundstallet mission, Barkalot, a Swedish lifestyle brand for dog owners, has partnered with the organization to launch Perfect Imperfections. This campaign celebrates the second chance and the possibility of a new home and family for abandoned dogs. As a part of the collaboration, Barkalot has created special edition “Adopt Don’t Shop”, “I’m Adopted” and Hundstallet logo badges that snap on to the Barkalot collar or leash.

We are so grateful for Barkalot’s dedication and support of our cause. Hundstallet and Barkalot’s ambition is that every dog has a safe and loving home. Everyone deserves a second chance.
— Erika Gramelius

The Adopt Kit

Barkalot is a Swedish lifestyle brand that focuses on sustainability for the next generation of dog owners. Their products are made of recycled plastic (PET) bottles and bio-based vegan leather (crop residue). Every day, dog owners pick up their dog’s crap, so the logic follows that they shouldn’t mind picking up the crap that humans leave behind, as well. To put it simply, Barkalot takes human trash and transforms it into premium dog products.

We have two things in common with Hundstallet - our love and passion for dogs and that we both celebrate the second chance. As an entrepreneur and dog owner, it feels important for Barkalot to be able to support Hundstallet in their work.
— Amelie Westerberg, Founder of Barkalot

The campaign's features 3 dogs who are currently sheltered at Hundstallet - Sascha, Rick and Zelda. During the campaign - which takes place during week 47 - 50% of all of Barkalot profit will be donated to support Hundstallet.

Zelda, Rick and Sascha

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