Who is Konny Westie?

The inspiration behind the sustainable dog collection that will make other tails wag with envy. But who is Konny Westie?

Author: Molly Lindgren | Tag: Barkacrew

Konny Westie, much like his namesake, is an incredibly opinionated creative. His feedback has been invaluable to Barkalot's product development.

Konny can often be seen, sitting on a pouf in his favourite corner of the office, shrewdly observing both people and product throughout the day.

The inspiration for the Konny Collection came from Konny's lifestyle, navigating both countryside and city scenes with his moms, founder Amelie and her wife Amaris.

- We chose a classic design to celebrate Konny's Scotish heritage, and complemented with innovative materials to cater to his city lifestyle, says Amelie, Konny's human.

We came up with the reflective monsters to help people read (and see) Konny a little better — Amelie, Founder

The inspiration for the badges came from Konny's big personality and ever changing mood.
- Sometimes his eyes make it seems like he's super intense, but in fact he's one of the friendliest dogs. We came up with the reflective monsters to help people read (and see) him a little better.

Who came up with the name for the Konny Collection? Well, Konny of course!

Konny shrewdly observing both people and product

- Stubborn, clever, insatiable appetite, cuddly (but only when I want to), independent (but only when I want to).
- I take over the whole bed at night and get really upset if anyone moves in their sleep.
- My Lion, Porcupine and Flamingo. I've had them since I was a pup and they still look like new. I'm also obsessed with brain games and puzzles.
- Tug of war with my mums, and to bother my auntie Selma.
- Svante, Selma and Heinz. But Selma and Heinz doesn't always reciprocate my affection.

Konny's favorite badges

Sold out
Sold out
Sold out

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