Become a Barkalot Affiliate Partner

Thanks for your interest in Barkalot's Affiliate Program. Barkalot was founded for the next generation of dog owners, unified in sustainable thinking, aesthetic appreciation and a love for animals. If you're ready to share the good and the bad with owning a dog, this program is for your.

Affiliate platform

Barkalot is using APPRL, an invitation-only service, that enables you to monetise your digital channels by driving traffic/sales by featuring Barkalot's products. As an APPRL member, you get access to a powerful suite of digital tools, apps, analytics and AI, combined with personal guidance from their experts to help you grow, make better content decisions, maximise your earnings, get unique data & insights, access to new product releases and more.


You need >10.000 followers to apply. The team at APPRL are manually reviewing and approving accounts.

What's in it for you?

🎁 Gifts

We don't send gifts because we want to reduce environmental waste by only sending our pieces to furry friends who really want them. Through APPRL you can ask for gifts.

💎 Commission on sales

Generous commission on sales through your digital channels.

📖 Educational newsletters

We'll send out newsletters with information on new materials, promotions, contests and events.

Apply to Affiliate Program

1. Email and let us know that you're interested. Make sure to mention your account name and your real name.

2. You will receive further instructions from one of our Barkalot helpers