Harriet Harness and Harriet Leash Little Monsters

Harriet Harness and Harriet Leash are vegan, water-repellent coating and polyester webbing. All hardware in solid brass.

Little Monsters are made of faux leather mixed with scrap leather.


Our Harriet Harness and Leash is easily cleaned with a gentle soap and lukewarm water and dries pretty quickly because it's water repellant, too! Just be sure to keep it away from fire, harsh chemicals like bleach and acetone, and the mouth of your little monster who may want to use it as a chew toy. ;)

Don't worry because Little Monsters are totally low maintenance! In the case of any messes, simply wipe them off with a damp cloth.


Harriet Harness and Harriet Leash are best worn together in any weather. If it's your first time using our Harriet Harness, then it's best to adjust the tree glides so that the bottom strap is slightly longer than the top. You can use the Barkalot logo on the black quick snap buckle to help you figure out where the top of the harness is. The larger band will make it easier for your dog to step in once you've placed their front paws into each hole in the harness. Once you've buckled the Harriet Harness, use the snap hook to attach Harriet Leash to the brass D-ring rings.

Little Monsters can be worn in any weather, just remember to snap them off before heading out on more high intensity adventures like a dip in the lake or a run through the forest so that they don't get lost.