We were this gang of insanely dog-loving people, avid consumers of culture and lovers of life.  

Some of us got our first dogs just a few years ago, while some have lived their whole life with dogs. Regardless if you had your dog for many years or just a few months we all think having a dog is a natural part of life. Where you go your dog comes with you.

When looking for gear for our own dogs we wanted the same level of aesthetics as when we look for stuff for our home or wardrobe. Most of us started out in the world of fashion and saw sustainability entering the industry at the speed of light. As we were looking to find brands that care for the eye and the planet we realized that was pretty difficult. Well designed pet essentials produced from sustainable materials didn’t seem to be a thing, yet? That is a change we like to bring to the world of pet essentials as well.

We gradually realized that the stuff out there was either not as aesthetically pleasing as we would like it, too technical or too expensive. We just wanted our dogs to look good.

And here we are now, the year is 2023, and our dogs look as good as we do. Today we make sustainable, stylish, and safe pet essentials such as leashes, collars, and toys. We use high-quality materials and work with like-minded companies that share our values of treating pets with love and respect. Our full line of products includes everything needed to keep your pup happy and healthy.