Barkalot items help express your dog’s personality and are made of sturdy and high quality sustainable materials. But, these important accessories don’t always get the love and care they deserve. We recommend you keep the items in good condition by practicing some simple care tips.

The Vegan Leather Collection

Always remove the collar from your dog’s neck before cleaning it.

Should the webbing get dirty, wash in lukewarm water but avoid soaking the bio leather.

To avoid unnecessary wear and damage to the design structure, avoid scrubbing with brush or cloth but use your hands.

Should the bio leather get dirty, use a damp cloth and gently remove dirt (don't scrub). Air dry, avoid direct sunlight. Make sure that the collar is dry before putting it back on your dog.


To increase longevity and appearance of the collar and leash - make sure your pup don't roll around in mud or swim with the collar on.

When you’re not using them, keep your dog’s collars in a safe place out of sunlight. The design will last longer, and you'll save it from being chewed up!

If your dog decides to take a dip anyways, take it off when you get back home and air dry (avoid direct sunlight). Make sure that the collar is dry before putting it back on your dog.

Regularly check the collar for any damage to the webbing or stitching. If the collar shows signs of damage, replace it right away. Make sure your dog gets a spa day every now and then to keep the collar smelling better too!