About us

"We’re dog owners - we’re happy to pick up your crap, too", Amelie Westerberg

Barkalot is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand for a new generation of dog owners. Founded in Stockholm by Amelie Westerberg and John Laster, the brand designs and produces premium dog products carefully crafted from human trash.

The team noticed that most dog products were either produced in virgin plastics or leather. They identified a gap that needed to be filled with recycled and sustainable materials.

"We’re dog owners - we’re happy to pick up your crap, too", says Amelie.

Barkalot primarily uses recycled materials and takes sustainability a step further by using bio-based resources when applicable. We select materials for their durability, flexibility and longevity.

Amelie and John have been dog owners their entire lives. They love the online and offline community aspect of dog ownership.

"In Sweden, there's no way you would speak to a stranger on the street - unless you have a dog! We realised there was potential to create an inclusive, co-creative brand", says John.

By signing up for our newsletter, you get the chance to vote for new colors, sizes and pre-order products.

"You help us reduce our carbon footprint by telling us what you want and especially what you don't want", says John.

Closing the loop

Barkalot is also trying out a new initiative by letting customers return used items for a 10% discount on their next buy. We donate the items that are in good condition to dog shelters and dogs that need them.

"Our mission is to push the pet industry towards becoming more sustainable", says Amelie.

We are so grateful for Barkalot’s dedication and support of our cause. Hundstallet and Barkalot’s ambition is that every dog has a safe and loving home. Everyone deserves a second chance

Erika Gramelius
Hundstallet, Stockholm